Kirin Cider – Gemma O’Brien #inspiredcider

By: Kirin Cider

Kirin Cider engaged typographer Gemma O’Brien to hand paint bespoke advertising displays at numerous locations in urban areas around Australia, from Fitzroy, VIC to Redfern, NSW.

The Sydney-based typographer and creative, lends her dramatic stylised script to the already impactful black and white creative for Kirin Cider that sets the brand apart from anything else on the market. The majority of 3m x 4.5m signs were painted in Gemma’s studio, but on November 18, Gemma painted the signage for the Surry Hills location in situ, on the corner of Crown and Foveaux Street. Here, Gemma talks to us about her influences and craft. #inspiredcider

Directed by Lincoln Caplice –
Camera – Campbell Brown
Score – Tony Anderson
Gemma O’Brien –


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